PC’s Ready To Ship range features our most popular Custom PC configurations – built, benchmarked and ready to go in a day. Each build comes crafted with extraordinary components and optimised for maximum power at every price point.

gaming cabinet


1. 12900K + MSI B660 M MORTAR WIFI D4 DEEPCOOL AG 400LED Air Cooler 16GB RAM ADATA XPG 3200MHZ 1TB XPG NVME SX6000 2TB HDD SEAGATE MSI GeForce RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X 8GB MSI A650BN MSI FORGE 320 R AIRFLOW Atx Cabinet Installation+ Assembling Windows 10 pro Oem Rs 143901/- ALL

2 . MSI RTX 4070 Gaming X Trio 12GB Graphics Card Amd 7800X3D MSI B650 Gaming Plus Wifi DDR5 Cooler Master liquid cooler ML360 illusion black Msi mpg a1000g gaming psu 1000watt pcieg5, 80 plus gold G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 32GB (2 * 16GB) DDR5 6000 MHz adata s70 blade 1tb Seagate barracuda 2tb 7200 rpm Lian Li Lancool III RGB , black Installation+Assembling RS 187325/- ALL

3 . Core i7 12 generation (i7-12700)+ASUS H770 PLUS D4 16 gb ram ddr4 (8*2 ) adata xpg 3200mhz 250gb nvme wd blue cooler master 550w smps ANTESPORT 250 AIR BLACK installation+assembling RS 58646/-ALL

4. Intel Core i9-13900K Desktop Processor LGA 1700 24 cores (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) MSI RTX 4070 Gaming X Trio 12GB Graphics Card TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 64GB Kit (16GBx2) 6400MHz - FF4D532G6400HC40BDC01 TEAMGROUP MP33 PRO 512GB MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 ATX 3.0 - 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold SMPS MSI PRO Z790-P WiFi Motherboard, ATX - Supports Intel 12th & 13th Gen Core Processors, LGA 1700 MSI MAG Coreliquid C360 ARGB 360mm CPU Liquid Cooler MSI MPG Gungnir 300R Airflow ARGB (E-ATX) Mid Tower Cabinet Crucial P3 2TB Logitech Wireless Combo MK235 VX3211-4K-MHD 32" VA 4K 10 bit HDR Panel Monitor HDMI(2.0 X2 ) Installation+Assembling RS 233404/-

5. I5 12400F + MSI PRO H610M-E DDR4 Adata Xpg 8gb ddr4 3200mhz d30 ASUS TUF 1660 6GB SUPER OC Crucial P3 500gb nvme Cooler Master 550w smps Antec AX20 Cabinet Installation+ assembling RS 49250/-ALL

6. i7 10700f ASUS H510M-E 16gb ddr4 ram (8x2) adata xpg 256GB EVM nvme WD 1TB HDD Lapcare Gaming Cabinet Antec 450w smps 1650 4gb graphics card Installation+ assembling RS 50000/-ALL

7. I5-12600K MSI B660M MORTAR WIFI DDR4 16gb ddr4 xpg 3200MHZ DEEPCOOL AG400 COOLER 500GB NVME WD BLU E RTX3060 12GB Antec Nx292 White Cabinet 650w antec 80+ bronze Installation+ Assembly RS 81250/-ALL

8. Intel I7 13gen 13700F Asus TUF Gaming B760M Plus WiFi D5 GEFORCE GTX 1650 4GB DDR6 16GB ADATA LANCER 6000MHZ DDR5 Cooler Master TD500 cabinet V2 1TB WD BLUE SSD nvme DEEPCOOL AG400ARGB AIO CPU cooler DEEPCOOL 650W power supply PK install + assembly lg 34wp500-b RS 115000/- ALL

9. I7 12700F Asus H610m-e 500gb nvme crucial 16gb adata 3200mhz ddr4 xpg with heatsink asus gt710 2gb card circle desire cabinet installation+assembling artis 600va ups samsung 18.5" monitor dell wired combo RS 57850/- ALL


11. i5 10400+ asus h510 8GB DDR4 CRUCIAL samsung 500gb nvme blue CIRCLE DESIRE CABINET win 10 pro oem mso home and student ups 600va lg 18.5" led dell kbd+mouse RS 44500/-

12. I5 12400F ASUS B760M-A DDR5 16GB CORSAIR DDR5 5200MHZ 2TB WD 500GB NVME CRUCIAL ANT ESPORTS 211 CABINET CM 550W SMPS L240 GAMMAX LIQUID COOLER installation+assembling 1650 4gb msi graphics card RS 64500/- ALL

13. i7-13700k asus z790-a wifi ddr5 board corsair 16gb ddr5 5200mhz samsung 980 pro 1tb nvme cooler master hyper202v3 antec nx292 cabinet 550w cooler master smps installation+assembling win 10 license RS 98000/-ALL

14. core i5 12400f asus h610m-e 16gb ddr4 xpg 3200mhz 500gb wd nvme blue Antec AX20 Antec 550w smps installation+assembling 4gb 1650 card RS 43500/-

15. Core i7 14700f Asus B660 DDr4 Motherboard 16gb ddr4 xpg 3200mhz 500gb nvme gen 4 wd 1tb hdd wd blue 3.5" Rtx 4060 8gb Graphics Msi Cooler master 750w psu Ant Esports ICE 112 Cabinet Deepcool AG400 Air Cooler ARGB Installation+Assembling Samsung 32" Monitor LU32J590UQWXXL RS 137000/- ALL

16. i7 12700k asus z790-a wifi board corsair 32gb ddr5 5200 mhz single 2tb nvme wd asus gtx 1660 super deepcool ag400 air cooler ant esports 110 cabinet Deepcool PK550D 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply tplink pci express lan card installation+assembling RS 100650/- ALL 18. Msi B760MP DDR4 Core i9 13900k ram 32gb adata xpg 3200 heatsink 500gb nvme 980 samsung 870 qvo 1tb t1000 8gb graphics card msi force 120 argb cm 550 cooler master cm hyper 212 spectrum fan logitech mk120 combo benq gw2480l win 11 pro oem Installation+Assembling RS 160000/- ALL 19. Core i9 12900k Tuf Gaming B660M plus ddr4 32gb ddr4 xpg 3200 Single 500gb nvme crucial Deep cool Gammax L360 Aio LE720 850w deep cool smps PM 4tb HDd desktop MSI GTX 1650 4GB Antec AX90 Cabinet Installation+Assembly RS 107000/-

20. 7700x Processor ADATA 16GB DDR5 XPG LANCER RGB 5200 MZH DEEPCOOL LE520 240MM ARGB 1TB KING NVME SSD MSI 4060 VENTUS 2X 8GB OC circle x5 cabinet fp650b ant esports 80+ bronze Installation+Assembling Msi B650m gaming wifi board RS 98000/- ALL

21. i7 14700f Msi z790P ddr5 wifi 16gb ddr5 corsair 500gb nvme samsung 980 1tb wd hdd ant esports crystal mid tower Black 750 W antesports 80+ bronze Cooler Master ML360L Core ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler INNO3D RTX 4060TI TWIN X2 8GB DDR6 Installation+Assembling RS 125300/-

21. Amd Ryzen 5 5600g GIGABYTE B550 DS3H 16gb ddr4 xpg 3200mhz 500gb nvme evm 1tb hdd wd Ant Esports 110 Cabinet rtx 3050 zotac 8gb Installation + Assembling 650W SMPS ANTESPORTS RS 62000/-ALL

22 .Intel Core i7-12700F GIGABYTE B760M D2H DDR5 Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240L Core ARGB 32 GB Adata XPG ddr-5 ram 5200 MHZ WD Blue SN580 500GB M.2 NVMe Internal SSD 1TB WD hdd DEEPCOOL PK650W 80PLUS Inno3d RTX 3060 Twin X2 12GB Ant Esports 250 Air Cabinet Installation + Assembling RS 91000/-ALL

23 . AMD RYZEN 9 7900x MSI B650M GAMING WIFI Inno3d RTX 3060 Twin X2 12GB RAM 32GB DDR5 5200 CORSAIR SSD 1TB SAMSUNG NVME 990 PRO Liquid cooler 240MM DEEPCOOL LE520 4tb HDD WD Ant Esports 250 air cabinet SMPS ANTEC CSK 750W 80 PLUS BRONZE Installation+Assembling RS 120000/- ALL