NPAV Net Protector Total Security 1 User 1 Year (Instant Key)

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Net Protector Total Security 1 Year 1 User (Instant Key in seconds)

Net Protector Total Security provides you multilayered protection. Ensures smooth, fast internet connection and surfing. Reduces Unwanted Traffic.

Real-time Protection stops the viruses before they reach your Personal Computer, keeping your Applications and Data safe. Complete security solution for home users.

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NPAV Net Protector Total Security 1 User 1 Year . Instant Key

Introducing NPAV Net Protector Total Security ultimate shield against online threats. Safeguard your digital world and experience unparalleled peace of mind. Our advanced security features ensure that your sensitive data remains impenetrable, while you explore the vast realms of the internet without fear. Get Instant Product key in seconds only at

Key Features of NPAV Net Protector Total Security:

  • Real-time Threat Detection: Stay ahead of cybercriminals with our cutting-edge technology that identifies and neutralizes threats as they emerge.
  • Bank-Grade Encryption: Keep your financial transactions secure with military-grade encryption, ensuring your personal information remains confidential.
  • Adaptive Firewall: Enjoy a worry-free browsing experience as our adaptive firewall constantly adjusts to new online risks, thwarting potential breaches.
  • Malware Eradication: Say goodbye to malware with our comprehensive scanning and removal tools, ensuring your devices remain pristine and optimized.

Elevate Your Online Experience with Lightning-Fast Connectivity

Net Protector not only safeguards your digital presence but also enhances your online interactions. With blazing-fast connectivity and uninterrupted browsing, you’ll navigate the web with unprecedented speed. Say goodbye to buffering and lag – Net Protector ensures a seamless and enjoyable online experience.

Key Benefits:

  • High-Speed Connection: Stream, download, and browse without interruption, thanks to our lightning-fast connection speeds.
  • Smooth Streaming: Enjoy buffer-free streaming of your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos, immersing yourself in high-definition content.
  • Responsive Gaming: Conquer virtual worlds with minimal latency, giving you the edge in competitive online gaming.
  • Effortless Downloads: Download files, software updates, and multimedia content in a fraction of the time, boosting your productivity.


Total PC Protection by NPAV / Net Protector : Antivirus + Total Internet Security

Vista Compatible
Vista Compatible–
OS Firewall
Os Firewall– Complete Protection from Hackers.
Complete Browser Protection
Complete Internet Protection & Security–
Startup Scan– Checks memory on Startup and dis-infects automatically.
Realtime Protection Shield– Zero-Virus Shield stops the viruses in realtime before they reach your PC. Giving your PC a rock solid & reliable protection.
Browser Protection– Solves all Internet Browsing Problems. Ensures smooth & Fast Internet connection & surfing. Reduces Unwanted Traffic.
Powerful Zero-V Virus
Powerful Zero-V Scanning Engine– Cleans and Protects from all Virus types File Viruses, Boot Sector & Partition Table, Macro Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Dialers, Downloaders, Backdoors, Malwares, Spywares.
Cleans Hard Disk for hidden threats
Cleans Hard Disk for hidden threats– Net Protector detects Adware, Spyware, Riskware, Downloaders, Trojans, Internet Dialers & other potentially unwanted applications.
Worm Stopper– Detects & Stops intrusion of new & unknown worms into your computer.
Stops False Warnings
Stops False Warnings– Stops False ‘Critical Error’ Security Warnings & Unwanted Pop-Ups.
Centralized Updates & Monitoring
Centralized Updates & Monitoring– IT Managers can monitor health of all PCs on the corporate network from a single PC.
Intruder Alert
Intruder Alert– Worm Trapper detects and stops intrusion of new / unknown worms into your OS.
Automatic & Centralised Daily Updates–
All PCs on then network update from single update server. Internet connection is not required on all PCs.
Reduces Internet / Telephone Bills– Reduce Unwanted Internet Traffic, Reduce Unwanted Internet Bills & High Upload – Download Bandwidth Bill.
E-Mail Protection
E-Mail Protection– Saves your valuable time and leaves you free to concentrate on work mails.
Right Click EXPLORER Scanning
Right Click EXPLORER Scanning– Net Protector lets you use Right click on any selected folder within Explorer to start a scan.
Protection from all Sources
Protection from all Sources– Disk Files, Floppies, CDs, Network Shares, LAN, E-mail, Internet, Messenger, Zip Drives, Pen Drives, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones & Digital Media.
Automatic File Infection Removal
Automatic File Infection Removal–
Net Protector Automatically cleans infected files when an infection is detected. Keeping your Applications & Data safe.

Utilities for Operating System Problems– Clean Temporary Files, Clean Registry, Fonts Folder, Missing Folder Options, Stop Auto Dial…


Scheduled Scanning
Scheduled Scanning– Schedule Automatic Scanning at specified time to thoroughly check your computer for viruses daily. Lunch Time Scanner does its job while you are away from your desk.
Pre-Install Emergency Scan
Pre-Install Emergency Scan– Scans and Cleans heavily infected system before installation.
Light Weight Software– Does not slow down your PC. Consumes very less Space & Memory.
Complete E-mail Protection & Security
Complete E-mail Protection & Security– Scans Messages and Attachments for Malicious content. Blocks new & unknown viruses in real-time before they reach your Inbox. Supports all Pop3 compliant mail clients. Saves your valuable time and leaves you free to concentrate on work mails.
Technical Support from the ‘Net Doctor Team’– You will get prompt technical service for the latest viruses & threats from the ‘NPAV Doctors Team’ through the Telephonic Help Desk.
Mobile Scanning
Mobile Scanning–
Update & Upgrade– Registered User of NPAV will receive Automatic New Updates & Upgrades through Internet for the period of One / Three year.
100% Cleaning of Viruses, Spyware, Malware & Worms like : Passma, Brontok, Rontokbro, Redlof, folder.htt, Funlove, Nyxem, Blackmal, Netsky, Mytob, Zafi, Bagle, MyDoom, Zotob.


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How to Install

How to Install :

Before installing full version of Net Protector Antivirus, please remove any other Antivirus Software on your PC otherwise your computer may hang or freeze.

  1. Go the the link
  2. Download the .exe fie.
  3. Double click on exe file and enter the Serial Number purchased from Aryan IT Online Store(Menu-My Account-Orders-View-Serial Number)
  4. Follow the procedure as shown, after finishing installation, register window will open.
  5. Fill personal information, put Dealer Code as A-51 for 15 days extra validity and click next.
  6. Your key is now registered.

Support Details

Technical Service / Support Department (Time 9:30 am to 10.00 pm India)
Support Numbers : 9373-262-333
Mobile / SMS : 9271 98 3681 / 82 / 83 / 84
9373 415 157

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